Molten Metal Management Tools

Molten Management Tools

E-Jay Thermo provides a broad inventory of foundry tools and equipment.  Our Foundry Division has been one of the fastest growing segments of our business in recent years.

We also manufacture smaller parts such as floats, spouts, control pins, baffles, spacers, dam boards, degassers, and many other parts. Often we are able to take an existing castable or board part and convert it to another material to reduce cost and/or increase overall value by improving metal flow and/or thermal conductivity.

In addition to stock SKUs, we also have the capabilities to design and manufacture custom components–including CNC machined components–to your specifications. Our strong castable capability combined with extensive CNC machining ensures competitive costs and efficient production.

E-Jay Thermo offers ceramic boards in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and fabrications. They provide exceptional strength, insulating ability, and low off-gassing. Boards can be cut to custom size and machined with specialized shaping. Avkem International maintains a sizeable inventory of stock for immediate shipping.

  • Calcium Silicate
  • Non-wetting
  • Hot face refractory
  • Insulating/back-up

And should you need assistance in tool design, our technical staff can work with you to create the perfect components for your operations.

E-Jay Thermo produces several dam products for controlling or diverting metal flow and skim management to protect metal quality. Our machining technology provides limitless refinement options for your molten flow control needs.

E-Jay Thermo services the foundry industry custom precast launder lines, including design, shell and lining fabrication, and replacement. E-Jay Thermo works with all refractory manufacturers to provide optimal, application specific solutions, with firing capabilities of up to 1,200°F.

E-Jay Thermo services the foundry industry with both standard inventory and custom precast components and shapes.E-Jay Thermo works with all refractory manufacturers to provide optimal, application specific solutions to our customers.

These can include runners, funnels, pouring components, covers, and other items. Large intricate custom pieces have firing capabilities of up to 1,200°F.

E-Jay Thermo offers a wide variety of standard furnace tools, including tongs, skimmers, scoops, and ladles. We also manufacture custom tools for your casting process, providing you a one-stop resource for the items you need to effectively run your operation.

E-Jay Thermo offers a variety of fabric products. These are manufactured as seals, gaskets, curtains, and insulating curtains for temperature retention and control, as well as items for metal immersion and filtering. We can also provide custom sizes as you require.

THERMOCOUPLES AND THERMOCOUPLE PROTECTION TUBES for accurate temperature data to manage your melting and casting operations.