Refractory ladles and thermocouples


Thermocouple and Protection tubes

The refractory surface of the ThermoGuard and ThermoSentry unit resists erosion by molten aluminum up to temperatures of 1400F. No additional coating required to prolong useful life.

Thermo-units are available with custom cold leg assemblies

Compact and space saving – easily mounted and only 1 1/4 in diameter and will contain up to a #8 gage beaded thermocouple

ThermoSentry units include a hermetically sealed stainless steel type K thermocouple



Auto dip Ladle

Refractory Composite Ladles

E-Jay Thermo services the foundry industry with both standard ceramic composite ladles and custom shapes.

Long life in molten aluminum.

Non-Wetting surfaces that do not require routine coating.

Insulate metal from heat loss during delivery cycle.

Styles include Rimrock, Toshiba, Snair, Advanced, UBE…Custom designs available and many standard hand pour units in stockĀ 

We can also manufacture runners, funnels, pouring components, covers, and other items.



Improve fluxing performance-The porous diffuser tip increases the effectiveness of the inert gas additive by releasing a finer size gas bubble distribution for a more efficient degassing of the metal.

12-60″ models available-Customization a option